Coat Hangers which not only care
about your clothes.
But also about your skin.

Nobody can get out of their own skin. But everybody can
make sure it is protected all around.

MAWA high quality coat hangers bring more orderliness in your wardrobe and keep all clothes in shape. And they contribute to your health. Being the only company in Germany producing coat hangers without any toxins, we ensure that no harmful substances will touch your skin.

When manufactoring our hangers, we abstain from anything that could damage your skin and health. Because coat hangers should wear your clothes and not transfer toxins.

SKINfriendly cloth hangers do not contain health-hazardous softeners like
  • formaldehyde
  • primary aromatic amines
  • flame retardants
  • lead, cadmium, chrome VI, PBB
  • Deca-BDE and PAK (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons)
  • any other toxic substances

This is confirmed by the independent research institute LGA.

Avoid unnecessary softeners and formaldehyde.
Wear SKINfriendly.

With ECOfriendly, MAWA fulfils its responsibility and makes its contribution to sustainability in the manufacture of coat hangers.

Our wooden hangers are all certified by FSC.  
MAWA wooden coat hangers come exclusively from sustainable, controlled forestry and are FSC certified. This kind of forestry will also contribute
to the future generations’ basis of life.


Do you have any questions about SKINfriendly?

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